[lazarus] Error drawing modal window (for Andrew)

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Sun Sep 29 22:37:35 EDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 20:53, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> issues..(OH, did you make sure you updated Laz. from CVS to get the other 
> fixes I sent last night?)


> (BTW I think you are certainly trying to push Lazarus toward beta-dom with 
> all these bugs your finding... keep it up, and pretty soon we will have a 
> nice functional release....I hope!)

Who said it's not functional?  I'm 80% done with my third useful
application already!  It's painful, but functional!  I'd still be
struggling through books on C or Java working on my first test
application if it wasn't for Lazarus...  And you guys have been awesome
about addressing the bugs as I actually find them.

Speaking of which, who was it that was going to redo the headers for the
sndlib?  It won't be about another week and I'll be ready for that

I'll try and start using bugtracker on the website for these bugs,
except when related to a specific patch or update just submitted to
CVS.  Might make things easier to manage.  I hadn't realized the
bugtracker was there until someone used it the other day.


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