[lazarus] Lazarus and FreeBSD problem finding units [SOLVED]

Rod Person opensourcebeef at hotpop.com
Wed Aug 6 19:28:17 EDT 2003

A big thank you to Marco and Mattias, for all the help in getting
Lazarus working on my system.

It seems if the problem was two fold. One when I compile Lazarus
originally I add this line to fpc.cfg

This I believe cause the problems that Marco. The setjumph.inc file was
missing from my system, so I updated the Lazarus source per Mattias

When I recompiled Lazarus I removed the /usr/local/lib/lcl/units/freebsd
from the line above and everything went great! I created a small test
app and all seems well!! Now on to development with Lazarus on FreeBSD!!



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