[lazarus] Lazarus and FreeBSD problem finding units [SOLVED]

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Aug 6 21:54:04 EDT 2003

> A big thank you to Marco and Mattias, for all the help in getting
> Lazarus working on my system.
> It seems if the problem was two fold. One when I compile Lazarus
> originally I add this line to fpc.cfg
> 	-Fl/lib;/usr/lib;/usr/local/lib;/usr/local/lib/lcl/units/freebsd
> This I believe cause the problems that Marco. The setjumph.inc file was
> missing from my system, so I updated the Lazarus source per Mattias
> instructions.
> When I recompiled Lazarus I removed the /usr/local/lib/lcl/units/freebsd
> from the line above and everything went great! I created a small test
> app and all seems well!! Now on to development with Lazarus on FreeBSD!!

To the Lazarus developpers;

I've been thinking about how to detect this problem with lazarus, for the
future (since it is one of those few gotcha's that can leave a FPC/Lazarus
developpers totally flabbergasted)

I assume Lazarus already parses FPC compiler output? If so, can it also
handle -va mode?

If so, we could have an option(button) in the path menu to do a testcompile

- generate a file that only links to the rtl to /tmp/test.pp
- compile and parse it, checking for inc files with asterisks, and "recompiling"

same for addition of fcl, gtk, lcl units etc.

Something like this could make it easier to diagnose unitpath and linkerpath

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