[lazarus] Lazarus and fpc 1.1

Wojciech Malinowski virrar at wp.pl
Thu Aug 14 19:10:28 EDT 2003

"Vincent Snijders" wrote:

> I want to use fpc 1.1 for lazarus, so we can use interfaces
> and use the win32 browse for folder dialog.

There's no need for 1.1. There are functions CoTaskMemAlloc and
CoTaskMemFree in WinAPI. According to MSDN first of them "Allocates a
block of task memory in the same way that IMalloc::Alloc does". I wrote
a unit with implementation of SelectDirectoryProc (using
SHBrowseForFolder function):
and simple test program:
and all seems to work OK.
I wanted to implement TSelectDirectoryDialog in Win32 interface but I
can't do it now (I'm going on a trip right now). Maybe you will do this
using this unit?

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