[lazarus] I Cant Compile...

Vincent Snijders vslist at zonnet.nl
Tue Aug 19 13:38:02 EDT 2003


Make is included in the fpc for win32 installation. 
Check if it is in c:\pp\bin\win32 directory (replace c:\pp with your
fpc installation path if you didn't install it in the default location).
If not:
	Make sure you installed fpc correctly.
Check if c:\pp\bin\win32 is in your path and it is before any other
directory which contains a make executable, for example from visual
studio or delphi.

You might get some information on the make currently in your path by
doing: make -v


On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 13:30:10 -0300
"Prof. Roberto A. Berrospe Machin" <binaryuniverse at binaryuniverse.com>

> Hellow everybody.
> Im have downloaded the last cvs of lazarus (under windows) and tryed
> to make them using the fpc make with not result. I mean, when i try to
> compile using make, every return:
>     makefile:17: *** You need the gnu utils package to use this
>     Makefile.
> Sop.
> I try to download the Last GNU Utils, but after install, the make
> continues saying this error. :)
> Some one in the list have experimented this problem?
> Thanks

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