[lazarus] Text file database as a first step...?

tony at maro.net tony at maro.net
Thu Aug 21 17:14:22 EDT 2003

Realize I'm not really a power programmer when it comes to internal
workings of the LCL / VCL...  Looking at the source code on this doesn't
really help me much, I've tried.

So my question is, how close is Lazarus to having data aware components
such as TDBEdit?

Even with the problems on the backend with data connectivity, it would put
us a step closer and certainly someone could develop a simple text file
based database component to hook the TDatasource into.

Just as I mentioned that adding custom components to the palette would
really jumpstart Lazarus usage (and it wasn't too long before that
happened) I think it's time we started working on an interim database
component for simple projects.  Something palette based drag-n-drop.

If you remember, for a while the most common question of new folks (yes, I
live in the "South") was how to add components to the IDE.  Now the most
common question appears to be "how do I use a database?"

I recall for D4 there were a few freeware text file based TTable
components... or perhaps something like MyLittleBase could be used with
data aware components with a little work.


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