[lazarus] Text file database as a first step...?

Matt Henley nwmattinhouston at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 04:09:57 EDT 2003

Check out SQLite.  It is text based and a simple
interface for Delphi has been written (I think you can
find it on the torry site ( http://www.torry.net ) and
do a search for sqlite.  Its not graphical so it
should be easy to get to work.  

--- tony at maro.net wrote:
> Realize I'm not really a power programmer when it
> comes to internal
> workings of the LCL / VCL...  Looking at the source
> code on this doesn't
> really help me much, I've tried.
> So my question is, how close is Lazarus to having
> data aware components
> such as TDBEdit?
> Even with the problems on the backend with data
> connectivity, it would put
> us a step closer and certainly someone could develop
> a simple text file
> based database component to hook the TDatasource
> into.
> Just as I mentioned that adding custom components to
> the palette would
> really jumpstart Lazarus usage (and it wasn't too
> long before that
> happened) I think it's time we started working on an
> interim database
> component for simple projects.  Something palette
> based drag-n-drop.
> If you remember, for a while the most common
> question of new folks (yes, I
> live in the "South") was how to add components to
> the IDE.  Now the most
> common question appears to be "how do I use a
> database?"
> I recall for D4 there were a few freeware text file
> based TTable
> components... or perhaps something like MyLittleBase
> could be used with
> data aware components with a little work.
> -Tony
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