[lazarus] Text file database as a first step...?

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 22 04:48:58 EDT 2003

AHA! someone else thinking like me. I have already begun looking at
making a basic TDataset front end for the MyLittleBase code, which looks
like it should work fine in FreePascal. Supports its own custom format,
csv and isam. Tests under Delphi work well, if incomplete not having
ever done this before. I will see how far I can take it and how much if
anything needs to be done to make it work in lazarus/fpc. I figure if I
can get it going ok it would mean lazarus could ship with very basic db
support compiled in since text tables don't require servers or external
libs etc. Obviously it will be limited, no lock handling, nor
multithreading capable either. 

Also dependent on how it goes I will be seeing how hard it will be to
make a more advanced(and TQuery/TTable like version) of interbase
components. For the moment I am looking at those IB components posted on
the list awhile back since I am not familiar with direct ib/fb api, I
can make the dataset simply a wrapper around the real components etc.

This has been one thing which I feel has prevented easy extension of DB
aware controls, lack of good simple dataset components available to all.

I will put online an initial version as soon as I can get it compiling
under Lazarus/fpc1.0.10(or if need be 1.1 though preferably not yet).


On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 17:13, tony at maro.net wrote:
> Realize I'm not really a power programmer when it comes to internal
> workings of the LCL / VCL...  Looking at the source code on this doesn't
> really help me much, I've tried.
> So my question is, how close is Lazarus to having data aware components
> such as TDBEdit?
> Even with the problems on the backend with data connectivity, it would put
> us a step closer and certainly someone could develop a simple text file
> based database component to hook the TDatasource into.
> Just as I mentioned that adding custom components to the palette would
> really jumpstart Lazarus usage (and it wasn't too long before that
> happened) I think it's time we started working on an interim database
> component for simple projects.  Something palette based drag-n-drop.
> If you remember, for a while the most common question of new folks (yes, I
> live in the "South") was how to add components to the IDE.  Now the most
> common question appears to be "how do I use a database?"
> I recall for D4 there were a few freeware text file based TTable
> components... or perhaps something like MyLittleBase could be used with
> data aware components with a little work.
> -Tony
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