[lazarus] Text file database as a first step...?

Tom Lisjac netdxr at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 22 08:37:52 EDT 2003

> > Even with the problems on the backend with data connectivity, it would put
> > us a step closer and certainly someone could develop a simple text file
> > based database component to hook the TDatasource into.
> Who is someone? ;)

"Someone" could be a person who likes this idea a lot, has the time and
ability and decides to make it happen. I like the idea a lot... wish I
had the time and ability! :)

> > Just as I mentioned that adding custom components to the palette would
> > really jumpstart Lazarus usage
> Eh. Did it?

It did for me.

Tony's component pack announcement is why I gave Lazarus another try
last Spring. The stability of the IDE got me hooked... but a loaded
component palette looks mighty attractive to a migrating developer!
There are a *lot* of existing components for Delphi that could be
converted with minimal effort. I've been hoping to see some requests for
components and libraries that the folks on the list are looking for.
Michael's component repository idea seems like an ideal approach... is
anyone else interested? If so, registering a Sourceforge project for it
might be a quick and easy way to get it started.


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