[lazarus] Sourceforge...

Tom Lisjac netdxr at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 30 10:38:04 EDT 2003

Just to clarify, the idea of creating a Sourceforge component repository
wasn't intended to compete with the existing sites. The IDE and compiler
projects are long term efforts with a small, dedicated and highly
competent core group. The existing sites support this model perfectly.

The development model for converting components is quite different. It
would work well with short commitments for small projects from a large
developer pool of varying skills... the more the better! Sourceforge has
an advantage here because it provides a lot of automation that supports
the management of multiple developers and tasks. The less time the core
team spends managing, the more code they'll be able to write.

Converting components is an ideal place for a new user to start. The SF
site would provide a point of entry where they could get familiar with
Lazarus while also helping to fill up the component palette. Separate
bug tracking and mail lists for this project would also help keep the
noise level down on the IDE and compiler development lists.

Sourceforge and Freshmeat also provide a press release system that could
help to attract new users and developers. Thousands of techies drink
their morning coffee while browsing these sites. Each new component
release would be an opportunity to introduce them to Lazarus and FPC.

These are the basic reasons for considering Sourceforge to host this
type of project. Comments, suggestions and participants are welcome.

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