[lazarus] Debugging within lazarus

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sun Feb 9 16:13:14 EST 2003

Just back, and from my mailbox thi still seems unaswered, so sorry if it 
already is.

At 19:33 1-2-2003 +0100, Jens During wrote:
>Hi all,
>when I try to debug my testproject within lazarus using gdb I get a
>messagewindow: 'Debugger'- Initialization output: Interpreter 'mi'
>Is this any error or is this kind of internal debugging not yet implemented?

Nope this isn't an error (of lazarus) and simple internal debugging is 
possible. The latest thing I'm working on is better expression evaluation 
(evaluating objects doesn't work right).

The message you get means that the GDB you are using doesn't support the mi 
interface (gdb -i mi). AFAIK you need at least a 5.x GDB version.

In future there might be support for a non mi version of GDB, but since 
implemtations with mi are easier, I started that first. Besides that the 
5.x version of GDB better understands pascal.


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