[lazarus] Debugging within lazarus

Jens During jensduring at freenet.de
Sun Feb 16 07:00:42 EST 2003

Hi Marc,
Many thanks, debugging now works fine for me. 

> >when I try to debug my testproject within lazarus using gdb I get a
> >messagewindow: 'Debugger'- Initialization output: Interpreter 'mi'
> >unrecognized.
> >Is this any error or is this kind of internal debugging not yet
> > implemented?
> Nope this isn't an error (of lazarus) and simple internal debugging is
> possible. The latest thing I'm working on is better expression evaluation
> (evaluating objects doesn't work right).
> The message you get means that the GDB you are using doesn't support the mi
> interface (gdb -i mi). AFAIK you need at least a 5.x GDB version.

I used the original version of gdb from SuSE 7.3 (V. 5.0). Since version 
5.1.1 of gdb the -mi-interface is enabled by default, so my version needs a 
./configure --enable_gdbmi to get lazarus debugging working.
I downloaded V5.3, now all works great for my things.

Many thanks generally to all developers of lazarus!
Jens During.

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