[lazarus] Compiling

jozsef at wingchun.hu jozsef at wingchun.hu
Wed Feb 19 10:06:50 EST 2003

Thanks to all. You were fast. :)
(And sorry for that I'm slow. I'm not, but I use my friend SMTP, it
does not rely my letters and he is not at home. )

But now it sais No INTERFACES unit.
After reading FAQ (not the first time :) I realized fpc.cfg has been
deleted before. I made a new one with samplecfg script and added the
(4 item)
fpc.cfg is in /etc dir.

My config in lazarus:
Environment Options / Files
Lazarus directory (defaults for all projects)

Compiler path (ppc386)

FPC source directory

run / compiler options / search paths
Other unit files...

Include files

Other sources


Path to compiler

1: Any idea?

2: If I make a project and it is located in /root/Projects/1/p1
   I have to write this path somewhere? If yes, where?

Sorry for stupid questions but I'd liket to write some code in lazarus
at least. :)

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