[lazarus] Questions and...

jozsef at wingchun.hu jozsef at wingchun.hu
Thu Feb 20 18:59:51 EST 2003

Thanks Mattias, now I have a working Lazarus. :)

I move a component on the form. Object inspector should show the appropriate
letf and top. (Maybe a refresh is missing only.) After you click another
object and back it shows the correct values.

Virtual keys in lcltype.pp work on all platform? VK_RETURN is the same on
linux and win32 but others too?

There is a TMainMenu component, but there is no menue ditor. I'm able to make
menus, but with code. Menu editor a future plan and I have to make menus by
hand or I have not become aware of something?

I saw the code for obj. insp. (/designer/objectinspector.pp) and it seems,
cursors should work, but it does not. Behaves strange.

Can I modify the font size in the obj inspector? (I mean not in the sourse?
I'd like smaller font and spacing to see more items.)

Target OS: Linux, win32
LCL Widget Type: gnome, gtk, gtk2, win32
What are these? And how can (for example) I compile for win32 or gtk2?
Yes, I have just read the letter in the archive. But gtk2 is Build lazarus :
Linux and Compile Options gtk2?

Delphi has only one item on the taskbar. Is it possible to make lazarus mdi?
What's the value that I'm able to click on the desktop between  windows?


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