[lazarus] Questions and...

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Fri Feb 21 03:08:10 EST 2003

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 jozsef at wingchun.hu wrote:

> Thanks Mattias, now I have a working Lazarus. :)
> I move a component on the form. Object inspector should show the appropriate
> letf and top. (Maybe a refresh is missing only.) After you click another
> object and back it shows the correct values.
> Virtual keys in lcltype.pp work on all platform? VK_RETURN is the same on
> linux and win32 but others too?
> There is a TMainMenu component, but there is no menue ditor. I'm able to make
> menus, but with code. Menu editor a future plan and I have to make menus by
> hand or I have not become aware of something?
> I saw the code for obj. insp. (/designer/objectinspector.pp) and it seems,
> cursors should work, but it does not. Behaves strange.
> Can I modify the font size in the obj inspector? (I mean not in the sourse?
> I'd like smaller font and spacing to see more items.)
> Target OS: Linux, win32
> LCL Widget Type: gnome, gtk, gtk2, win32
> What are these? And how can (for example) I compile for win32 or gtk2?
> --
> Yes, I have just read the letter in the archive. But gtk2 is Build lazarus :
> Linux and Compile Options gtk2?
> Delphi has only one item on the taskbar. Is it possible to make lazarus mdi?
> What's the value that I'm able to click on the desktop between  windows?

GTK does not support MDI.


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