[lazarus] MySQL and Lazarus

HSO hso.suporte at ig.com.br
Thu Feb 20 22:13:43 EST 2003

	I`ve downloaded the program mysql_query, very pretty, but i could not test it
,it makes boom boom.
	I downloaded , opened in lazarus and compiled it, when i try to connect to the
 host that comes by default in it the error message is ok,even if i use a user
 unautorized the message is ok(actualy i have not yet configured my MySQL since the
 last app i`ve wrote used sqlite and i have only a database for tests)  but when i use
 a correct user and a correct password the program crashes without explanation.
	I`m used to segmention fault , but in C/C++ we hace gdb (it helps a lot
 understanding wich variable caused the crash and why) when i use gdb in fpc programs
 it displays the sources correctly but can not seek inside the code where is the error.
	Of course the program runs in your machine(the one you`ve written) but, if the
 error is my libs i wish to know where, the stdout off program does not helped me, i
 can`t download the docs of fpc(the site does not respond) or even see it online(
the same reason) so in hope anyone in list can help me i`m sending the versions of
things i`m using now:

mysql: [3.23.49] instaled from debian package(not touched i only created a user and
a database)
gtk:1.2.10 (fully functional except bu package-config wich has a bug from one instalation of gtk2 wich i`m doing now)
fpc : 1.0.7 (downloaded with lazarus both the binarie and the source)

I currently tested the mysql databases with mysql++ in a c++ program, and the fpc program i sent in the other mail it works.
So if anyone can enlight me i`ll thank.

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