[lazarus] MySQL and Lazarus

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Fri Feb 21 01:15:09 EST 2003

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Subject: [lazarus] MySQL and Lazarus

> I`ve downloaded the program mysql_query, very pretty, but i could not test
> ,it makes boom boom.
> I downloaded , opened in lazarus and compiled it, when i try to connect to
>  host that comes by default in it the error message is ok,even if i use a
>  unautorized the message is ok(actualy i have not yet configured my MySQL
since the
>  last app i`ve wrote used sqlite and i have only a database for tests)
but when i use
>  a correct user and a correct password the program crashes without
> I`m used to segmention fault , but in C/C++ we hace gdb (it helps a lot
>  understanding wich variable caused the crash and why) when i use gdb in
fpc programs
>  it displays the sources correctly but can not seek inside the code where
is the error.
> Of course the program runs in your machine(the one you`ve written) but, if
>  error is my libs i wish to know where, the stdout off program does not
helped me, i
>  can`t download the docs of fpc(the site does not respond) or even see it
> the same reason) so in hope anyone in list can help me i`m sending the
versions of
> things i`m using now:
> mysql: [3.23.49] instaled from debian package(not touched i only created a
user and
> a database)
> gtk:1.2.10 (fully functional except bu package-config wich has a bug from
one instalation of gtk2 wich i`m doing now)
> fpc : 1.0.7 (downloaded with lazarus both the binarie and the source)
> I currently tested the mysql databases with mysql++ in a c++ program, and
the fpc program i sent in the other mail it works.
> So if anyone can enlight me i`ll thank.

I test your units and I could not find anything wrong, I got no crashes.
maybe someone else could advice.

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