[lazarus] True and False

Luis R. Hilario B. LuisDigital at BonBon.net
Mon Mar 10 14:55:56 EST 2003


Unable to rename variable in source.
See messages."

But does not appear nothing (no message).

The error takes place when trying to rename a variable, if it is selected.

In order to write some components (of the Boolean type) it is necessary 
to make the following thing, e.g.:

     CheckBox2.Checked := False; CheckBox2.Checked := True;

     CheckBox2.Checked := Boolean(RecordDataI[fnFACT_SIN_EX]);

Is a problem or is normal?

Also it passes something similar with RadioGroup.
So that it works well I must do the following thing:

     RadioGroup1.Items.Text := '';
     RadioGroup1.Items.Text := rsFisico+#13#10+rsServicio;
     RadioGroup1.ItemIndex := RecordDataI[fnPROD_TIPO];

With Combobox also there is a problem, so that it works I must do the 
following thing:

     Index := Combobox2.Items.IndexOf(RecordData[fnPROVEEDOR1]);
     if Index > -1 then
       Combobox2.ItemIndex := Index;
       Combobox2.Text := RecordData[fnPROVEEDOR1]; // When this line 
really is not necessary.

  Note:  The failure really notices when the same window is opened to 
several times.

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