[lazarus] True and False

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Mar 11 04:58:54 EST 2003

+ From: Luis R. Hilario B. [mailto:LuisDigital at BonBon.net]

Hi, it's not a solution for your problem, but it might prevent strange
results in the future.

+ In order to write some components (of the Boolean type) it is necessary
+ to make the following thing, e.g.:
+      CheckBox2.Checked := False; CheckBox2.Checked := True;
+      CheckBox2.Checked := Boolean(RecordDataI[fnFACT_SIN_EX]);

It is better not to cast a boolean like this

       CheckBox2.Checked := RecordDataI[fnFACT_SIN_EX] <> 0;

has the same effect (assumed that RecordDataI contains integers), but now
you are sure CheckBox2.Checked is a "true" boolean.

At least in Delphi casting something like Boolean(1) results to true in some
expressions and to false in other


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