[lazarus] Postscript based report generation tools

Carlos Hespanhol hespanhol at nextwave.com.br
Sat Mar 15 11:40:01 EST 2003


Take a look at Report Manager, it's a very nice opensource application/component.
Maybe we could make a port to freepascal, since it's writen in Delphi it should be easy.


Carlos Hespanhol

On 14 Mar 2003 19:36:02 -0600
Tony Maro <tony at maro.net> wrote:

> I'm also about to start working on a report generation control set.  My
> thought is to make them initially pretty primitive so that anyone can
> come along and hook a database control to it.
> So basically, I've got the postscript controls and the general idea of
> how to do a reporting system (I used the built-in reports with Delphi 4
> C/S considerably.)  I'm positive I could write a reports system for what
> I need to do, but keeping it generic is another story.
> So here's some thoughts out loud:
> Report header stripe
>   static text labels
>   special text labels (such as doc name, p#, date, time, etc.)
> page header stripe
>   static text labels
>   special text labels
> detail stripe
>   field label ** Changes according to data position pointer, 
> 		 keep running totals for fields per page and per doc
>   static text label
>   special text labels
> page footer stripe
>   sum field label  ** sum of field for this page
>   avg field label  ** avg of field for this page
>   count field label ** displays number of fields on page
>   special text labels
>   static text label
> document footer stripe
>   special text labels
>   static text labels
>   sum field label  ** sum of a given field for entire report
>   avg field label  ** avg of field for entire report
>   count field label
> Note the absence of a function field and multiple detail layers - I'm
> keeping the idea simple and can later build on that.
> My thought is to have a single "detail" object that anyone can come
> along behind me and write a database connector for.  The database
> component developer would provide callbacks for "initialize" "next
> record" "first record" "jump to record" sort of functions and then
> populate the detail object with the proper data.  I could provide a
> primitive data connector object that someone else could then build on
> top of to implement the full connection.
> Does this sound feasible?  Anyone have a better method or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Tony Maro
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