[lazarus] CheckBook Tracker testing OFX file import

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Fri Mar 21 01:10:52 EST 2003


CheckBook Tracker (Lazarus Produced) is about to enter a new era...

I've added online banking support for OFX file formats.  This means you
can download an OFX file of your transaction register from your bank,
and it will match those transactions up to your register, filling in the
blanks and correcting errors (prompting for confirmation.) and then go
into balancing mode.  And boy was it a booger to make work. 
Unfortunately the main matching routine is some of the most obfuscated
code you will ever see ;-)

If interested you can download the executable from:


In the tools menu you will find "Balance from OFX".  Just have your OFX
file ready and browse to it when prompted.

It works beautifully with my bank's files, but your mileage may vary. 
Please let me know if you try it.  I'm hoping I can get a couple of
people who use different online banks to try it out.

CBT still is lacking in many features I consider important, but I know
for me personally this means I won't have to type in many many debit
card transactions, and there's less of a chance I'll make a mistake and
miss one...  I think it's now gone from a "nice program" to an
indispensable personal financial tool.  I think I can now adequately
compete with GnuCash (for USA use) simply because of the ease of install
compared to that monstrosity.

Next week I will be releasing it officially and will post the sources at
that time.  In the meantime I expect to find issues with the OFX file
format import and some people's banks.

Note: CBT only really supports US Dollars.  It stores all amounts as
"REAL" but hacks them and displays them as if US.  Later on I plan to
internationalize it a bit more, but hey... I'm only human!

And can you believe the entire app is barely over 2MB?


Tony Maro
tony at maro.net

Check out my software "CheckBook Tracker"
A GPL (free) replacement for Microsoft Money!

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