[lazarus] 100% processor usage

andrew johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 26 19:09:29 EST 2003

yes. I can reproduce it. I have seen it before. not positive what it
is.. so not sure how to fix it yet. 

btw that theme is butt ugly.. I would definitely stick with ThinIce if I
were you, even if this gets fixed :)



*begin shameless plug *

btw, on themes... why not try Smooth, my current (still very alpha)
theme engine for gtk1/gtk2..(no it isn't in pascal.. I thought about it.


(I would recommend CVS, but 0.4 is usable)

:D :D :D

*end shameless plug *

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 19:02, Tony Maro wrote:
> Okay, someone's going to ask me to reproduce this and I won't be able to
> tell you how.
> I was toying around with a MAC OSX like theme "AquaLightBlue" for my
> Gnome.  It uses pixmapped backgrounds that have horizontal lines.
> After running with it for a while I noticed a few things.  First,
> Lazarus was slow to redraw windows in the IDE.  That could be
> understandable.
> Then I found that flipping between windows, or sometimes just doing a
> build would cause the processor usage to go to 100% for as much as 1
> minute before whatever was going on stopped.  During that time the mouse
> pointer even had a hard time moving.
> I switched back to the ThinIce theme and this problem entirely went
> away.
> I know the GTK color mapping and such is still under serious
> development, and there were cautions mentioned on the list a while back
> about pixmapped themes, but thought someone would like to know what I
> saw happen.
> I can reproduce it on MY machine, but even then it doesn't happen every
> time I switch windows or build... it's sporadic.  But it definately
> happens with the AquaLightBlue theme that I have, and not with the
> ThinIce theme.  I don't know if other pixmapped themes will do it or
> not.  I'm not a big theme switcher kind of guy.
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