[lazarus] Newbie question

David Creelman dave at geko.net.au
Thu Mar 27 04:03:19 EST 2003

Hi Luis,

If I'm understanding your issue correctly, in Lazarus, goto
Environment->Environment Options and in the FPC Source directory edit
box, type in the path of your source units (if you've installed with an
RPM, it most likely should be /usr/bin/ppc386).

Then try recompiling, hopefully it will work this time.

Hope this helps.


On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 22:43, Luis Mineiro wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm sorry if this has been answered before. I'm a new lazarus user and just 
> got the RPMs from the FTP and installed them on my RedHat 8 box.
> I installed fpcsrc and lazarus packages.
> I start lazarus in a konsole with the command "lazarus". After it shows up I 
> try to run the default project with the empty form in it. No code or objects 
> are added.
> I'm getting an error stating:
> /tmp/project1.lpr(6,13) Fatal: Can't find unit INTERFACES
> Many of you know the straight answer for this, so I'm asking kindly if someone 
> could point me my error.
> TIA.
> -- 
> Luis Mineiro (luis at zbit.pt)
> ZBit Software, Lda. (http://www.zbit.pt)
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