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I tried that one is a Lazarus project but I does not work. The scope of
DateSeparator is global, right? So I changed it in FormCreate to DateSeparator :
= '/' but it does not work.



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Program foo;
        S: String;
        DateSeparator := '/';
        S := FormatDateTime('MM/DD/YYYY', Date);

[luis at rsmith toaster]$ fpc foo.pp
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Compiling foo.pp
Linking foo
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[luis at rsmith toaster]$ ./foo

DateSeparator (declared in SysUtils), like in Delphi/Kylix, is a variable for
locale specific functions that use dates.

There are others: DecimalSeparator, etc.


On Thursday 27 March 2003 03:28, Tony Maro wrote:
> Can anyone help me figure out why:
> FormatDateTime('MM/DD/YYYY', ThisDate)
> always results in something looking like:
> It replaces my chosen slash with a dash.
> That's fine for you foreigner's, but us warmongering Americans like
> slashes in our dates. ;-)
> I know it's an FPC and not a Lazarus question, just wondering if someone
> knows an easy workaround.  So far I'm having to manual separate out a
> date and reconstruct it myself to get what I want.

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