[lazarus] Finding floppy

Michael.VanCanneyt at Wisa.be Michael.VanCanneyt at Wisa.be
Sat Mar 29 08:29:43 EST 2003

On 28 Mar 2003, Tony Maro wrote:

> I'm having difficulty automatically locating a user's floppy drive.
> Can someone suggest the best way to find the path to the floppy?
> I've tried a couple of static ifpathexists() but it's ugly and isn't
> finding the floppy on Knoppix for some reason, even though one of the
> hard-coded checks is the default floppy location on Knoppix.
> Surely there's an easier or more correct way to do this without having
> to find fstab and parse it?  Sometimes the flexibility of Linux pisses
> me off ;-)

fstab is your best shot anyway.
I would recommend making this a configuration option of your program,
with default values obtained at installation from fstab.

The mount point can be anything really, so even this value is not to be
trusted 100%, that is why I think the user should be able to configure


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