[lazarus] Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat Mar 29 19:02:58 EST 2003

Hi all cvs users,

- added TCheckGroup (Similar to TRadioGroup,
  but with TCheckBoxes instead of TRadioButtons)
- build lazarus extra -d options are now set in the codetools
- improved transient window code for modal forms. If there are still
  see next
- added command line option --lcl-no-transient for the gtk interface to
  deactivate the transient order for modal forms.
- fixed finddeclaration searching unitname identifiers
- implemented compiled unit search paths
  That means, if the codetools can only find a compiled unit (.ppu), it uses
  the #CompiledSrcPath / #PPUSrcPath definitions to search for the source.
  The IDE defines them automatically for the LCL, so that applications no
  longer need to add the LCL to the 'Other Sources' search path.
- fixed find declaration of params in overloaded procs with types in other
- code completion: implemented predefined types for properties in local var
- added TMemoScrollBar, added TMemo.Horz/VertScrollBar
- fixed IntersectRect
- implemented GetSrollInfo, added GetScrollbarVisible
- IDE now trims filenames more carefully
- added html part of the turbopower internet pro components. Only compilable
  under fpc 1.1 due to a lot of "Delphi specials". They can already show
  simple HTML pages, but there are still a lot of bugs. I also fixed a few
  pointers and buffer overflows. I don't know how these components work
  Delphi. Probably sheer luck.


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