[lazarus] Problems on Fedora with Lazarus

John The Ripper ripper at arsis.net
Sat Nov 8 07:22:57 EST 2003

Just yesterday I installed Fedora and find it very surprising that for
the first time in my life Lazarus doesn't work. It just throws out
without even showing any Window, with exception "out of memory" to

After that I tried with fpc 1.9, same result except MessageBox "Out of
Memory" showed up.

I even recompiled fpc 1.0.10 if some libraries would be mismatched in
binary, but there was the same result as before.

Now I'm stuck with a real problem. If there's no solution I would have
to abandon one of those two. But problem is that Fedora is just to great
to go back, as snappy Linux as Fedora is, well it reminds people on
times when user interfaces were simple, light fast and responsive as
possible. Difference in speed to RH9 I was using before is impossible to

Well, fact is that not having Fedora on my notebook is not really hard
to imagine, all it would need it would be to stop coding during my
breaks and when I'm not at home. But as it seems Fedora as good as it is
will probably sooner gain than loose people. At least those who missed
apt and other goodies.
I'm not an expert but that maybe a clue. There are 3 major differences
between RH9 and Fedora.
1. nptl threads
2. Prelinking: From an end user perspective, it will make applications
load faster, as dynamicly linked libraries will be loaded ahead of time
into unused memory.
3. Exec-Shield: Exec-shield purports to randomize VM addresses and make
parts of applications (as well as their stack) non-executable. Think of
it as "damage control" for security holes. The integrated stack
protection (that the Exec-shield kernel addition replaces/includes) is
very important for foiling buffer overflow attacks

Funny thing is, all other software RH9 rpms that I tried are working as
they should, out of src.rpm or rpm. 

btw. lazarus was tried only by compiling from 4 different cvs versions
(1 from yesterday and 3 versions which were working perfectly on RH9)
which I found on my disk.

I don't know if that helped anything but here it is anyway


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