[lazarus] BuildLazarus with currently selected compiler

Vincent Snijders vslist at zonnet.nl
Sun Nov 16 11:26:16 EST 2003


1. Attached patch changes the build lazarus dialog, so that the compiler
executable selected in the environment options dialog is used for
compilation. Please note that therefore the EnvironmentOpts unit is used
in the implementation.

2. Recently the function TBuildLazarusOptions.CompiledUnitExt is added.
This function returns .ppw for target_os is win32. This is only true if
the compiler is 1.0.x series, not the later series. fpc 1.9 and later
also have .ppu for windows. I don't know if lazarus already knows which
compiler version is used (I suppose it does) and where it is stored, so
I can't send you a patch for this issue.

Vincent Snijders.

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