[lazarus] Problems with lazarus CVS

Raúl Moratalla raul.moratalla at mammaluna.com
Sun Nov 16 14:55:34 EST 2003

Hi, I've downloaded again the source code of Lazarus from CVS and I'm
still getting problems with it :(

[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred
  Exception=Out of memory
TApplication.HandleException Out of memory
Runtime error 217 at 0x0836B468
  0x082AABE4  TLRESOURCELIST__ADD,  line 305 of lresources.pp
  0x0835910D  SPLASH_init,  of splash.pp
  0x08373DDB  main,  line 61 of lazarus.pp

I'm compiling it with FPC 1.9 under Fedora Core 1.

El sáb, 15-11-2003 a las 16:34, Marc Weustink escribió:
> At 15:33 15-11-2003, Bob Wingard wrote:
> > >
> >Marc,
> >         I am getting a range exception message as well when I do a debug 
> > build
> >of lazarus.
> :(
> I don't like rangechecks when I ment it that way
> OK, I added a cast, so I guess it is fixed now.
> >I have traced it to the KeySymToKeyArray function. In the function on
> >line 1234 K := AKeySym shr 16 is where the exception is happening. At
> >the point where the error happens AKeySym is equal to 269024801. I am
> >still looking but I think the problem is in the return from
> >XKeyCodeToKeySym in the InitKeyBoardTables routine when n=63, m=1, then
> >a little further down the call to KeySymToKeyArray fails.
> Thanks for trace. It easier to find it this way.
> the line K := AKeySym shr 16 is the problem when you have rangechecks 
> turned on.
> K is a Byte, AKeysym shr 16 is larger than a byte so this causes a 
> rangechek error. (I only needed the lower byte)
> Marc
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