[lazarus] Patch for searchresults dialog

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sat Nov 22 10:16:40 EST 2003

Bob Wingard wrote:

>  I was not able to duplicate the Black on Black text that you saw in
>KDE yesterday. Look at it now, I explicitly set the canvas.color to
>clWhite. I think I remember seeing somewhere in the code that, but I
>cannot find it now, that some of the colors are loaded from user
>preference. Maybe if Gnome is not running this is where the problem
>happens. Mattias? 
I've had this problem for a bit and suffered through it.  Someone (was 
it Andrew?) mentioned it was a broken GTK theme, but I can't find any 
way of fixing it.  All statictext and my own custom controls that use 
clBtnFace are showing as black rather than my theme's color (a nice 
light grey.)

If I close KDE and open Gnome, it's fine.

I've tried telling Mandrake to "apply colors to non-KDE applications" 
for my KDE theme which is supposed to affect the GTK theme.  I've tried 
making a .gtkrc file that points to a theme I know works.  I've also 
tried multiple KDE themes with the checkbox mentioned checked.

But, I think it's interesting to note that I _DO_ have Gnome installed, 
and I can log out of KDE and into Gnome and it's fine.  I also have no 
other GTK apps with this problem.

The other thing I noticed was that it's not consistant.  It's about 95% 
of the time that it's showing black, but sometimes, even without a 
rebuild, it shows up fine.

Attached is an image showing the designer view of a tstatictext, with 
the running application on top of it.  Notice the designer view does fine.

I'll download CVS to get your fix to clWhite, but it'd be nice to know 
why this is happening.

-Tony Maro

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