[lazarus] Patch for searchresults dialog

Bob Wingard bwingard at gt.rr.com
Sat Nov 22 11:12:15 EST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 09:26, Tony Maro wrote:
> Bob Wingard wrote:
> >  I was not able to duplicate the Black on Black text that you saw in
> >KDE yesterday. Look at it now, I explicitly set the canvas.color to
> >clWhite. I think I remember seeing somewhere in the code that, but I
> >cannot find it now, that some of the colors are loaded from user
> >preference. Maybe if Gnome is not running this is where the problem
> >happens. Mattias? 
> >  
> >
> I've had this problem for a bit and suffered through it.  Someone (was 
> it Andrew?) mentioned it was a broken GTK theme, but I can't find any 
> way of fixing it.  All statictext and my own custom controls that use 
> clBtnFace are showing as black rather than my theme's color (a nice 
> light grey.)
> If I close KDE and open Gnome, it's fine.
> I've tried telling Mandrake to "apply colors to non-KDE applications" 
> for my KDE theme which is supposed to affect the GTK theme.  I've tried 
> making a .gtkrc file that points to a theme I know works.  I've also 
> tried multiple KDE themes with the checkbox mentioned checked.
  I am running Mandrake 9.2 and have not seen the problem yet and I have
tried several themes. I have not downloaded any additional themes so I
am just using the stock KDE themes installed with Mandrake. I spend most
of my time in Gnome rather than KDE. I will run KDE for a few days and
see if I can re-create the problem.

> But, I think it's interesting to note that I _DO_ have Gnome installed, 
> and I can log out of KDE and into Gnome and it's fine.  I also have no 
> other GTK apps with this problem.
> The other thing I noticed was that it's not consistant.  It's about 95% 
> of the time that it's showing black, but sometimes, even without a 
> rebuild, it shows up fine.
> Attached is an image showing the designer view of a tstatictext, with 
> the running application on top of it.  Notice the designer view does fine.
> I'll download CVS to get your fix to clWhite, but it'd be nice to know 
> why this is happening.
> -Tony Maro

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