[lazarus] Black clBtnFace fix? was Patch for searchresults dialog

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sat Nov 22 17:39:57 EST 2003

Andrew Johnson wrote:

>this shouldn't be a problem. theoretically the bg will always have a
>valid rgb value, but it will not always have a valid pixel.
>gc's must have a color with a valid pixel, so we query just in case. I
>have no idea why the gc would not be initialized or might be being
>queried wrong, but it certainly sound a bit odd.
>I am guessing sometimes in kde the colormap passed is not the right one
>or some such wierdness so querying fails.... but I don't know for sure.
>cause it works for me fine when I tried to go into kde so...
Well, this causes bug #153, #94 and another one or two other reports 
I've see on the list.

The style^.colormap is not nil and the foreground.pixel value returned 
by these is zero, when it's btnface or anything - and it works 
flawlessly on my system making me wonder if that's being used at all.  
In fact, this isn't used until the theme is actually used to draw the 
data on the screen, correct?  And since on mine, the pixel is always 
zero, I'm guessing it's not being used at all.

Anything you want me to look for?


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