[lazarus] Problem with OpenBox

Andrew Higgs ahiggs at ps.co.za
Thu Oct 23 07:53:38 EDT 2003

Andrew Johnson wrote:
> I just tried this out. OpenBox 2 does not seem to have this problem,
> OpenBox 3 does. I have in the past seen this under certain versions of
> Metacity. I am guessing this is thus something to do with NETWM
> compatible WM.
> And it is not just Lazarus. This is also true of some GNUstep
> applications(happened in Gorm once, and CodeEditor as well), and a few
> other gtk1.2 applications(happened for me using audacity as well as
> ardour, both gtk1.2). I am not positive which functions called cause it,
> however I am pretty sure the problem is at least in part a bug in the
> current OB3 window manager.
> if I get more time today to look further I will try and find out which
> functions/messages cause it, and you can then submit a bug report on
> OpenBox, and if there is an actual bug in the GTK backend we can fix it.
> However seeing as this does not seem to happen with the GTK2 backend,
> which shares a good deal of the same code, it seems unlikely....

I would appreciate it if you could look, because I really enjoy OB's 
simple interface.

I thought it was rather interesting that after going "Enviroment | 
Debbugger Options" the problem went away with all of the others.

Kind regards
Andrew Higgs

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