[lazarus] GTK2 interface

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sat Sep 6 10:03:41 EDT 2003

At 19:54 5-9-2003 -0400, Andrew Johnson wrote:


>4th - related to the above, we need to get rid of Gtkclist and GtkText
>for list and memo in the gtk2 interface(perferably with actual {$ifdef
>GTK1} in the gtk files). these are not only deprecated but quite buggy
>at times, we should replace them with the far more reliable/featurefull
>TextView/TreeView which should allow us to be more accurate to the
>original Delphi anyway, though it will likely require quite a
>significant amount of work to implement properly.. (volunteers anyone?)

I hope that some of those IFDEF GTK1 are temporary ?

I noticed one in TGTKObject.GetCursorpos.
IMO it is complete useless to have defines there. GetCursorpos is virtual 
and the proper implementation should appear in an overridden 
IMO we have an object model for that, don't pollute it with ifdefs to get 
another object.


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