[lazarus] FreeCLX

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Fri Sep 12 10:38:17 EDT 2003

+ From: Shin The Gin [mailto:shin at shin.homelinux.net]
+ Sent: vrijdag 12 september 2003 14:37
+ Hello,
+ Did anyone manage to use FreeCLX with Lazarus?
+ I've started trying ZeosDBO on Lazarus, but it depends on
+ "dataclx" which can be found in FreeCLX. So I need to
+ install that Library first.

Ehm, IMO, don't mix Lazarus and CLX. Better look what is needed from
DataCLX and look if it is exported somewhere by the LCL od the FCL

+ BTW: How do you create PostgreSQL apps using Lazarus?

don't know.


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