[lazarus] CVS Updates

acjgenius at earthlink.net acjgenius at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 12 14:12:58 EDT 2003

hey all,  I have made a few more CVS updates for GTK2 over the past several days, so figured I should give a general overview of where we are :) 

- TControls "work"
  - drawing works  
  - many events work  
  - click events mouse pos are often translated wrong
  - clipping is wrong/doesn't work

- TWinControls "Work"
  - native controls mostly work
  - lcl controls partly work
     - drawing wrong? 
     - no caret in synedit
     - major scroll flashing
  - key event acceleration untested, may not work
  - many(most?) events work
  - key events are still a little foobar

- Pango support almost works(turned off by default)
  - causes crashes in some things (synedit?)
  - bg doesn't always get cleared so fonts overdraw on re-expose
  - apears to properly grab ScreenFonts properly(thus far no more X dependency if using GTK2.2)
  - DrawText apears to work mostly(oh happy AA)
  - TextOut mostly works
  - TextExtentPoint should work properly
  - UpdateDCTextMetrics mostly works
  - ExtTextOut May work (untested)

- IDE semi-works
   - form editing partly works
      - redrawing wrong(clipping?)
      - position updating
      - doesn't always follow mouse
      - unresponsive sometimes
   -object inspector partly works
      - internal buttons not visible, overdrawn(clipping again?)
      - mouse events offset(wrong position)
      - tooltips don't always match entry
   -menus, some work some don't som crash and go boom :)
   - component pallete mostly works
     - mouse offset wrong , events recieved farther right then actually occur
  - Source Editing(synedit) looks almost right  oh so pretty
     - unuseable, mouse clicks recieved multiple times
     - constant slow flashing
     - no caret visible
     - text selecting half works
   -misc other forms some work some go boom, many things are drawn offset wrong(clientrect).

- examples - many work all are buggy.

Still needs lots of love and any patches (especially for Clipping, mouse offsets, and key events) apreciated, but we are getting closer......


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