[lazarus] directive NEW1_1

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sat Sep 13 07:36:11 EDT 2003

>> >  {$IFDEF NEW1_1}Pointer{$ELSE}Longint{$ENDIF})
>> >
>> > I don't now why, I must change this to:
>> >
>> >
>> >  {$IFDEF VER1_1}Pointer{$ELSE}Longint{$ENDIF});
>> Show me a working 1.1 and I will change it.
>> The last fpc 1.1, that worked with lazarus, can be found on the
>> website. For the brave, trying the current fpc 1.1, there is the
>> NEW1_1 contruction. Add-dNEW1_1 to the options to compile the LCL.
> Just a question to clear up something for myself: Does the
> fpc 1.1 on the website define VER1_1? I supose it doesn't, and that it
> defines NEW1_1 instead. Otherwise I see no reason not to change NEW1_1
> to VER1_1.

The compiler defines VER1_1

> The last time I tried, compiling fpc 1.1 went fine, compiling lazarus
> (+ everything) failed in synedit, the compiler couldn't parse some
> booleab expression.

There are currently some major changes in the 1.1 compiler that make it a
bit less stable. The major changes are now in place and the compiler will
stabilize again in the next weeks. The snapshot building is already
working again.


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