[lazarus] Can't find unit INTERFACES

Vincent Snijders VSDS at RND.VB.CBS.NL
Tue Sep 16 03:45:45 EDT 2003


Check if the LCL Widget type is set to win32 in the first tab of the
compiler options.

could this be added to the FAQ.

Some question from me:
- Why don't I have to set the path to the compiled LCL units in the
compiler options dialog? Is it because the LCL is installed as package?
- What is the purpose of the other sources paths?

Vincent Snijders

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Armando Paz [mailto:admorum at interlap.com.ar]
> Verzonden: dinsdag 16 september 2003 8:26
> Hi.
> I have downloaded (using cvs) the last version of lazarus for windows.
> have downloaded "Free Pascal Compiler version 1.0.10 [2003/06/27] for
> i386" and the result of the "make command" has been OK.
> But when I try to compile the initial "Project1" I get next
> syswin32.pp(5,1) Hint: Conditional I386 was set at startup in last
> compilation of syswin32.pp
> project1.lpr(6,13) Fatal: Can't find unit INTERFACES
> And I do not get to compile... I have looked for information in list
> archive but it is offline at this moment, in google neither.
> In "Compiler Options for Project: Project1" I have all field in blank
> except:
> "Other Sources: (.pp/.pas
> Could someone help me?
> Thanks.

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