[lazarus] win32 binaries?

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 23 11:33:43 EDT 2003

well. usually posting the same question multiple ways just because you didn't get immediate response isn't helpfull, since(like in my case) I haven't been able to check my mail so I get both at the same time, kinda annoying. :)

AFAIK there are no nightly or official binaries for win32, because up till recently win32 IDE was unusuable(although many of the classes worked) so it was kind of pointless. The most ever was a demo exe using gtk insteads of native win32, which is quite old so it was removed. Now that the native version has started becoming functional it is more likely you will see official binaries with the next beta release(whenever that may be). Until then, just compile it yourself. Since you obviously need FPC pre-installed for lazarus to even work/be useable, and the fpc has all the usual make tools there for easy compilation it should be as easy as 

1) get the source(CVS may be best for win32, but tarball/zip and patch might suffice) 

2) extract to a folder somewhere 

3) if you got the tar/zip apply any patch to make it current

4) cd into the diryou extracted and run 'make' from the command prompt

5) run lazarus :)

Since Lazarus is intended to be the RAD IDE like Delphi(or VB) and no existing libraries exist then, yes it supplies its own visual control library much like the VCL.

Since the idea is(as the webpage and about/faq states) to be able to make one gui app and compile anywhere the FPC works and LCL/Lazarus has been ported then, yes it is likely what you want. Obviously(also as stated in the FAQ) since this _is_ beta there are things likely missing that you need, or some level of instability, nevertheless, being the open source project it is, submitting bug reports or feature requests is often times very quick, in a few cases the bugs have even been fixed within minutes of the report. ;)

On Linux it is highly useable and mostly complete in general using the GTK1.2 toolkit, and once the GTK2 support is added then it will be even more complete if you use that backend(nearly as easy as selecting a 'GTK2' radio button from within the project build options).  It is also now finally reaching a level of useability on win32 and thus you can also (even from linux with proper cross-compile support) simply select the win32 as the target in the build options and presto, a native win32 build of the same app.

The making it a slick GUI, well. thats up to you :D


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No one has responded to my question below yet so let me ask the
question in a different way:  I'd also like to write programs in a
Pascal variant and compile them for Linux and win32.  Today, I write
console apps and FPC works nicely but I'd like to also create win32
and Linux programs with a slick GUI.  

Does Lazarus provide this capability or should I look elsewhere? (I'm
actually a little unclear whether Lazarus is just the IDE or is also
a library... do I need Lazarus to build the GUI or could I just do it
by hand?  I expect 90% of the code will be internal statistical stuff
with just a few dialogs.)

If this is possible, how do I do it?  Using FPC, I install it on
Linux and Windows and just compile twice.  I cannot find win32
binaries to do this with Lazarus.



--- Alan Mead <cubrewer at yahoo.com> wrote:
> My wife is learning VB so I thought I would show her how cool
> Lazarus
> is... only she's got an XP machine.  Are there win32 binaries for
> Lazarus?  The win32 binary folders are empty.
> -Alan Mead

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