[lazarus] Crashes with Lazarus IDE

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Thu Sep 25 17:22:51 EDT 2003

At 22:59 25-9-2003, Andrew Johnson wrote:
>I don't.  This isn't just about the logging, this is about the everything 
>dies and there is no autosave no gracefull exits it just dies out from 
>under you.
>I want a way to keep going at least long enough to save everything 
>whenever possible, this isn't possible from the interface the way it was 
>in most places, and this is the reason there were already push/pops in a 
>few other locations prior to this where it was aespecially likely to happen.

I see your point, but the way it was would be a catch all, so individual 
handling isn't needed.
The idea behind this was that in this catch all the interface raises an 
exception no matter what fatal gdk error happened, the IDE handles it and 
takes proper action like ask to save (or of that isn't possible, save to 
recoveryfiles). It isn't the case now, but it can.
After this exeption is handled, it is over and the application exits.

>When some problem happens after working on something for 20 minutes and 
>not having saved then what? oops all data out the window because gdk 
>burped a bad window? If I am wrong fine, revert, but I don't see anyway of 
>handling them safely otherwise.

I might be wrong here, I'll recheck. And I'll also look how usable gdk is 
at that point (after the error, but before exit). If we can't do anything 
like showing dialogs or saving files or so, we need the push and pops. 
Otherwise I think I'll place them between IFDEFs for a while (or so).


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