[lazarus] Anouncement: Lazarus-CCR

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 27 20:28:03 EDT 2003

Been looking at the code conversion guide,

I have updated Unit changes including description and reasons, and added
more Syntax changes and descriptions including partial code examples of
them. If I messed up or missed or made any error I would like others to
fix it.. 

I would very much like to see this particular wiki cleaned up and well
organized, since this could be very usefull for an in depth tutorial(or
even small book eventualy) on converting from Delphi to FPC/LCL,
starting with Unit differences, then Syntax differences then into Object
differences, but also covering more in depth use situations on porting
whole applications, as well as caveats of porting components and
packages et al. 

Documentation is one area Lazarus in general is missing and I would
really like to see thrive soon, as, if Lazarus is ever going to succeed
as a functional alternative to Delphi, people are going to need
documentation on both use for new beginners as well as porting and
overall conversion from Delphi for advanced users.

So anyway enough rambling, again, thanks for starting this, I am very
pleased with how it looks already and it can only improve with the
contribution of others. :)


On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 12:44, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> ah yes thanks for the effort this is looking pretty darn good. :)
> I just updated the gtk2 status on the wiki, and you might consider also
> adding DB controls section. 
> I will look around and if I have time and see something I will fill in
> any info I know.
> Andrew
> On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 11:48, Tom Lisjac wrote:
> > Over the last month, Mattias and I have been building a "Code and
> > Component Repository" project on Sourceforge. The "CCR" is intended for
> > developers of all skill levels. It's primary purpose is to convert
> > existing and freely available library and component source code for use
> > with Lazarus and the FreePascal compiler. A related goal is helping new
> > users to get started and succeed with their Lazarus conversion projects.
> > 
> > The CCR site contains all the documentation that is currently available
> > for Lazarus in a Wiki format. A Wiki is a dynamic knowledgebase that
> > anyone can contribute to. Any writable page can be edited with a browser
> > to correct mistakes, add information or create new pages and links. A
> > Wiki code conversion guide has been posted that is intended for both new
> > and experienced developers that want to start working with Lazarus. 
> > 
> > For either group, converting a piece of existing code is an excellent
> > place to begin. It's a self contained task where you can choose a
> > package that fits your skill level and work at your own pace.  It's also
> > a significant way to contribute to the project since each new package
> > helps Lazarus to become a more complete and powerful production tool.
> > 
> > The Lazarus-CCR's main page can be found here:
> > 
> > http://lazarus.sourceforge.net
> > 
> > -Tom Lisjac

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