[lazarus] Anouncement: Lazarus-CCR

Tom Lisjac netdxr at adelphia.net
Sat Sep 27 22:20:08 EDT 2003

> I have updated Unit changes including description and reasons, and added
> more Syntax changes and descriptions including partial code examples of
> them.

You've added a lot of useful and well written material... thanks much!

> I would very much like to see this particular wiki cleaned up and well
> organized, since this could be very usefull for an in depth tutorial(or
> even small book eventualy) on converting from Delphi to FPC/LCL

The conversion guide started with a tiny outline that Mattias suggested
last week. It's already grown to the point where I think it needs to be
broken up into different sections. :)

> Documentation is one area Lazarus in general is missing and I would
> really like to see thrive soon...

Agreed! Documentation is always a chore so it tends to get pushed to the
back burner. I think the wiki concept is useful here because everyone
can add a bit or piece to the whole without having to get bogged down in
creating and maintaining an entire document. The wiki is kind of a RAD
for documentation. The markup is easy to learn but can produce a fairly
nice looking web document without getting all tangled up with html.

> So anyway enough rambling, again, thanks for starting this, I am very
> pleased with how it looks already and it can only improve with the
> contribution of others. :)

Thanks for the feedback... I'm glad ya like it!

I'm currently setting up a read-only mirror site and cvs that will do
periodic cron updates from SF just in case something gets blown away.
I'm also going to add a prefix tag to the wiki engine to stop it from
making wiki links out of every PascalIdentifier! :)


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