[Lazarus] TDataset & TDatasource

Luiz Americo Pereira Camara luizmed at oi.com.br
Wed Dec 3 04:14:10 CET 2008

Charl van Jaarsveldt escreveu:
> Hi All,
> I have never really gotten into working with the datasets and 
> datasources with Delphi or Lazarus. Can someone perhaps point me to 
> some good online documentation/tutorial (or write a quick summary of 
> you feel like it :-)  ) that can help me get on with this? I have the 
> basics down, in other words, I have a program that can read/write 
> stuff to an sqlite database. I am getting a little confused though 
> when I start thinking about some design considerations. What exactly 
> is the relationship between the TDataset and TDatasource? 

I would recommend to read the Delphi help files about those classes

> Should you have a separate TSQLiteDataset for each use of a table? 

It's not necessary, one TSqliteDataset can have data from more than one 
table or even data from views or joins or whatever SQL allows, but it's 
a recommended approach for those starting with  TDataset/TSqliteDataset.

> (I think I need to implement an onscroll event, but only for one 
> frame.) Any help would be appreciated.

I would recommend using TSqlite3Dataset (sqlite3) instead of 
TSqliteDataset (sqlite2).

Some docs are here: http://www.geocities.com/camara_luiz/documentation.html


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