[Lazarus] How to update a running application

Roland Turcan konf at rotursoft.sk
Sun Dec 7 12:24:21 CET 2008

Terry A. Haimann wrote:
> I tried setting up a simple report and haven't gotten it to work.  Does 
> it work with MySQL?  It sees my tables, but when I click on a column 
> name nothing happens.  A brief description of setting up a report would 
> probably help.
> Thx,   Terry


It is based on FreeReport:


You should be able to use the documentation/samples on the page above to get a 
good idea of how it works.

The hard work (and appreciated work) that went into porting it to lazarus 
notwithstanding, it was fairly buggy still when I tried using it.

My understanding is that a bunch more work was put into it though...

Good Luck,

Warm Regards,


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