[Lazarus] Cocoa bindings

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Sun Dec 7 11:39:16 CET 2008

Mac Programmer schrieb:
> Maybe Florian could elaborate a bit on where the NDA issues lie. With
> developing a compiler, the run-time, the apps themselves?

It seems that this is not the problem anymore however, testing the port
doesn't seem to be possible so far.

Anyways, I wonder if it is even allowed/possible to run/publish (L)GPL
software on the iPhone. Apple has to accept the (L)GPL to propagate the
software through iTunes. However, the (L)GPL prohibits means to prevent
the user to install modified version of the software.

> Sure it's a controlled environment. Welcome to the 21st century. Many of
> us develop software for organizations with extreme restrictions on what
> users can do with their computers. Apple's "review" process seems fairly
> tame by comparison.

Compared to whom? Windows Mobile? Linux?

> I was just seeing if anyone else was interested in joining the party.
> http://www.ipodnn.com/articles/08/12/05/300m.app.store.downloads/
> It's not like we're getting married to the iPhone apps we develop. I
> think the idea is that you spend maybe a month doing it, then you submit
> it and wait and see if anyone likes it. Apple is assuming all of the
> marketing, credit card processing, currency exchange, hosting, etc. as
> well as a lot of responsibility that you don't have to worry about. For
> that they take 30% and transmit the other 70% into your bank account.

First, you pay $99/year to be able to develop applications for the
iPhone/iPod. But if this is no problem, maybe we should change the
license of FPC ;)

> You can also post free apps and Apple assumes the cost of distributing
> those for free.

... and if Apple doesn't like your application, they kick it, see the
PodCaster case.

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