[Lazarus] PosgeSQL client

Eric March sales at ebmpl.com.au
Mon Dec 22 17:09:20 CET 2008

I have SQLdb component installed in Lazarus 0.9.24 beta x86_64-linux-gtk 
on Ubuntu 64 bit linux.
I tried running mysql but get an error which needs FPC 2.2.3 or later.  
I can only find RPM files
for that source and I can't install it.  I can download FPC.zip and 
compile that source but it
turns out to be still FPC 2.2.2, which is what I was running.

I think PostgreSQL database system has better record locking and other 
functions that make
it superior to MYSQL, so rather than spend time on finding an FPC source 
2.2.3 or later that
I can make compile I thought I would try Postgress.

I opened a new project and placed a PQConnection on Form1, set host name 
as localhost,
username as postgres with no password.  When I set Connected to "TRUE" I 
get the
following error.

Can not load PosgreSQL client. Is it installed? (libpq.so)

I can't find a file called libpq.so anywhere on my system.  Did a search 
of components and
can't find anything under PostgreSQL.  I have PostgreSQL running and can 
access it using

How do I install PostgreSQL client?

Eric March

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