[Lazarus] Synedit: Highlight All feature (patch) [Re: SynEdit question (IFDEF SYN_LAZARUS)]

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Mon Jul 7 09:56:57 CEST 2008

On Mon, 07 Jul 2008 00:40:21 +0100
Martin Friebe <lazarus at mfriebe.de> wrote:

> Recreated the patch. The 3 *.pp files go into components/synedit/

Thanks. Applied.

> I am looking for any feedback, that will prevent me from developing
> this into the wrong direction.
> The current ideas/plans are:
> - speed optimizations to highlight all, even so it does not
> curreently slow down working on my system.

What operations updates the highlight all often?

>   there may be possibilities to limit the amount of search, if only a 
> few lines are invalidated.
> - Further rework on the PaintLine code.
>   Higlighter NONE, could use PaintToken too (simulating a single
> token for the whole line)
>   This would mean that brackets will be highlighted
> - Moving "special lines" into a Markup class
> - Moving "block selection" into a Markup class
>   This would simplify PaintLines. Also currently if the Block is
> across several HighlighterTokens, the will not join in the token
> accu. This would become possible.

IMO all are good ideas.

> Please also let me know, anything that would be needed before the
> above changes, in order to apply the change to SVN. I could then do
> further changes against the applied version.
> > If you have time, you can implement it for 'none' too.
> >   
> Will do. I f I am right this will actually simplify some code. Let's
> see.
> >>   ~Text does seem to be "None" but with MatchingBrackets ? or does
> >> text highlight anything else?
> >>     
> > ?
> If you right click the source editor , and within the context menu 
> choose the sub-menu "File settings", there is an other sub-menu 
> "Highlighter". In addition to a list of all the highlighters from 
> editor-enviroment, there are two entries:
> -Text
> -None
> I haven't found anything that is highlighted by "text" except it does 
> the brackets, which "none" does currently not. So the question is,
> have I missed something, or is there some other intend?

Text was intended for future use, for things that can be better done
with markups. So, it can be removed.


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