[Lazarus] FPC 2.3.x and Lazarus

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Fri Jul 11 16:39:31 CEST 2008

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008 09:56:46 +0000
"Antonio Sanguigni" <a.sanguigni at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I know this issue is probably an fpc one but I hope someone can give
> me some hints to go on.
> I have on my Arch Linux fpc 2.2.0 packaged one and svn lazarus
> snapshot. Now, I would like to have also a svn snapshot of fpc 2.3.x
> being able to compile it and install them in my arch box. Could you,
> please, give me any hints, about how to accomplish it ?
> I read Programmer's guide and I was able to "compile the compiler"
> using fpc2.2.0 but now I would like to remove fpc2.2.0 and installing
> fpc 2.3.1 but I fear my distro can become "dirty"; I mean, I don't
> know if there is a make uninstall or which path it is using and how
> to change it, eventually, to point to /usr such as Arch Linux
> requires.

There is no make uninstall. 
But a 'make install' installs correctly even if an fpc is already there.

What distro do you use? There are many scripts to create your own
distro packages.


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