[Lazarus] FPC 2.3.x and Lazarus

Thierry Andriamirado thierry.andriamirado at free.fr
Fri Jul 11 18:51:42 CEST 2008

Le vendredi 11 juillet 2008 à 15:27 +0000, Antonio Sanguigni a écrit :

> so may I have both compiler versions ? What about path clashes ? 

I have 2 fpc & 2 lazarus installed on my Ubuntu box, and I have no
particular problem. 
fpc: once your svn update is finished, in, say /usr/local/src
* 'make all'
* then 'make zipinstall'

note that I didn't do any system-wide install of the svn version of fpc.
the zipinstall will create a big zipfile, for eg.

* unzip the '/lib/fpc' directory to '/usr/local/lib/fpc'
* check that your '/etc/fpc.cfg' file contains something like:

# searchpath for units and other system dependent things

* Configure Lazarus accordingly, so it uses the svn fpc binary and so

You can find the multiple lazarus HowTo on

> I'm using Arch Linux. I had a look at fpc 2.2.0 PKGBUILD, I should try
> to create one for 2.3.x .

As I said, I mainly use Ubuntu & Debian, but it'd work..


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