[Lazarus] Lazarus KDE4 Plazma applet

Funky Beast funkybeast at pacific.net.sg
Thu Jul 17 16:09:39 CEST 2008


Boian Mitov wrote:
>       Hi Folks,
> Has anybody attempted to create a Lazarus Plasma applet for Linux KDE 4 ?

Somebody has to translate and create bindings for the mammoth KDESDK for KDE 4 first. ;-)
Plasma is a new framework, thus its in rapid evolution, its too early for production use.

> Although the KDE 4 seems to introduce some interesting ideas, it seems to be 
> missing at least 70% of the rudimental features ;-) .

KDE 4 is still at infant stage. It has an extremely ambitious goal to
run its frameworks, desktop and window manager in a lot of platforms,
even Windows (http://windows.kde.org), MacOS and mobile OSes.
Thus it went through major refactoring and reorganizing its frameworks.

Check out overview of KDE 4, its frameworks and roadmap in this interesting video here:

Personally, I would wait for at least version 4.3 for daily production use.

Funky Beast

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